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Who’s the Roman Reigns of the women’s division?

Tamina Snuka recently spoke with our friend Vicente Beltran from ViBe Wrestling. There, Tamina answered who’s the Roman Reigns of the women’s division. Here’s what Tamina stated: 

Interview with Tamina

Who is the Roman Reigns of the female roster?

“If you wanna go for the polinesian side of it I have to seay that I am the ‘Roman Reigns’ because is not Nia for sure, definitely not Nia. If you wanna talk outside of the polinesian culture, the ‘Roman Reigns’ of the women’s locker room both Raw and SmackDown… maybe Charlotte. I would say probably Charlotte at this point. She came back and she definitely got something on her head; she is coming back for something and definitely wants to prove who she is. She came out and put everybody on the spot and she addressed all the locker room so I would have to say maybe Charlotte right now”.

Why did she bring back the Superfly splash as her finisher?

For me it is something that I am always saving, I got to save that splash for that time in that moment and that’s why when I did it at WrestleMania on Saturday the first time me and Natalya won and for that time, for that epic moment had to be the splash, couldn’t be anything else but the splash. When we wrestled against Nia and Shayna the next night it was one of those when I thought: ‘There is no way, I am winning with the splash’ but Nia moved and was one of those things… now I am disappointed, in that time in that moment but at the same time fans where so behind that splas; is something that has been so epic since my father first did it. It’s one of those thing when I do do it I want it to mean something and I want it to be special and that’s why I picked and I chosewhen I do the splash and when I know that is going to be the right time for it is when I am winning, in my mind I am winning because there is no way anyone is kicking out of that splash so that is why I brought back that splash because I know that is time, it’s time for us to win the tag titles and I going to win it with the splash or whatever else that we can come up with in the meantime but other than that…”

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Credits Vicente Beltrán of ViBe & Wrestling.

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