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[EXCLUSIVE]: Nita Strauss willing to make her WWE debut

WrestleMania will be the scenario for the return of the WWE Universe. Tonight, NXT will have their event, NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver. Opening tonight’s show we will witness a performance of a lifetime. Alice’s Cooper guitarist, The Hurricane, Nita Strauss, will arrive tonight at NXT with Triple H’s order to tear down the house and get loud. Before tonight’s show, Lucha Libre Online’s Michael Morales Torres had the privilege of speaking with Nita and she revealed the instructions Triple H gave her before tonight’s NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver and what it means for her to be the first one performing on WrestleMania week. 

Nita Strauss: “You talk about mind blowing. It’s an exciting time to have WrestleMania because the world has been shutdown for the last year. We all watched WrestleMania last year at the performance center. It’s different. It was great, but it was different. They’re going to have fans there this weekend. They’re going to have the stadium feeling for the wrestlers and to be the one to sort of start it off right, I’m just very honored and very happy. We are going to make it nice and loud. Triple H’s instructions were to get it nice and loud; and we are going to get loud”.

The Hurricane didn’t wasted the spotlight and revealed for the first time in her historic career that she would be interested in working a program with WWE and making her pro wrestling debut:  
Nita Strauss: “WWE, absolutely. Pro Wrestling, definitely. MMA, not so much”. “Definitely I would have fun doing the hurricanrana from the top rope for sure”.
Nita Strauss also recalled her experience working WrestleMania 34 and performing Shinsuke Nakamura’s theme song in front of 78,000+ wild fans.

Nita Strauss: “It was absolutely incredible. Just thinking about it now it gives me chills because of how exciting it was. People wait their whole lives for a WrestleMania moment and I got to have one”. “It was just an amazing experience”.

We want to thank Josh Villalta and Nita Strauss for their time and making this possible. Make sure to get Controlled Chaos, Nita’s latest album, available right now on Amazon. 

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