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[EXCLUSIVE]: Taylor Wilde reveals why she quit pro wrestling and if she’s returning to IMPACT Wrestling

Fightful recently reported that former IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion, Taylor Wilde, was backstage at the recent set of tapings for the company. While navigating in a sea of rumors of her returning to IMPACT Wrestling and coming out of retirement, Taylor Wilde decided to grant one interview and spoke with Lucha Libre Online’s Michael Morales Torres. She revealed the real reasons that led to her departure from IMPACT and her pro wrestling retirement.

“I had started actually performing wrestling shows at 18. At this point (retirement), I was 25. I had been on the road full time since I was 18. Being so young, that’s kind of a long career and being 25, I got to the point where I was starting to worry about my future because I was starting to feel physically beat up. I hadn’t finished my University degree. I had no real work experience. My resume says, you know, eight years you’ve been professional wrestler. But if I were to break my neck, I’d have nothing to take to an employer, besides I can yell at the camera really well and I can do a flip. Which makes it for an interesting conversation, but I’m not employable. So from a wrestling standpoint, I was burnt out. I had an excellent storyline going with TNA. But then management was changing at that time and their focus was no longer the Knockouts and I don’t think I was at the top of their list. That’s when they were starting to bring more models in which, was fine, because I was starting to get burnt out of wrestling and I was ready to make a more normal life for myself for lack of better term. So, you know, I’m not someone who meant has my words. I said: ‘I’m done’. I’m done. Because when I’m there, I put everything I had into wrestling and when I was done, I was just, I was done. I’m like: ‘I needed a break’. There’s nothing worse to me than a wrestler backstage whose burnt out and their matches are terrible. They’re like not nice people. Because you can just tell they’re over it and I never wanted to be that person. I felt so blessed to have the career I did, that I knew it was time to go and that was it”.

Taylor was asked if by Michael if she was returning to in-ring action and if yes, which company she’d be choosing. She revealed if she’s indeed returning to the pro wrestling industry and IMPACT Wrestling.

“I’m saying nothing. I will say, like, IMPACT has always had my heart, formerly TNA, for what they’ve done for women’s wrestling. But I am a huge fan of NXT. Io Shirai, Shotzi Blackheart… There is some serious female talent, so I am coming back and I am coming back soon because my American visa has now been approved, but you have to keep your eyes peeled. I’m not telling you where I’m going to land. I am a big fan of all the companies, so you don’t. I just got to keep your eyes peeled”.

We thank Miss Taylor Wilde for her time. Make sure you follow her podcast, Wilde On, available on all audio platforms. It’s also available on YouTube.

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