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[EXCLUSIVE]: Triple H supports Bad Bunny, reveals he’s been training for the last 3 to 4 months

Triple H recently spoke with Lucha Libre Online’s Michael Morales Torres about having more crossover stars on Raw, SmackDown and NXT. Besides this, Triple H reveals that Bad Bunny has been training intensively for the last three or four months. The Cerebral Assassin also gives us an update on Pat McAfee’s status with WWE.

Triple H: “I think we saw it last year with Pat McAfee. There’s always opportunities to do this, especially with someone who loves this like it’s Bad Bunny”.

“What they don’t know is that he’s been in the Performance Center for the last 3 to 4 months training every day. He wanted to do this. He moved himself to Orlando. He’s been there every day working hard so. He has earned my respect on every level. I am respectful of what he does, but he’s won my respect to what we do take a lot to go through what we do about it, but nobody wants to do it”, stated Triple H today on his press conference.

“Not everybody wants to work hard to live the moment, but they don’t necessarily want to do the work that requires you to get there or put in the effort to live up to the roll into the people that you’re going to be working with. To me, that’s impressive. Pat McAfee is another guy who’s just a next level of athlete. You saw him a few times and he said he worked with a scheduling and that was always the issue with us, but you saw it”.

“Pat McAfee, there’s a lot of things he’s going to do with us in the future. That’s great bright future. But his in-ring stuff, you know was second to none. Because he worked so hard at it and hear me if you have passion for what we do and passion for what we do with the rent and you’re willing to work hard to get there. That’s great”.

“Let’s go and if we can do that many peor we can do that in rods back down. On the one hand, having that platform where all others to come in and do stuff you’ll definitely see, that you’ll definitely see more crossover stuff both from Raw, SmackDown and NXT. It’s always good when you can do that and engage the people outside”.

We want to thank WWE, WWE’s PR Team and Triple H for the opportunity granted today. Don’t forget to tune in this Wednesday to see NXT TakeOver Stand & Deliver m, Night 1, at 8:00pm (ET) on USA Network and NXT TakeOver Stand & Deliver m, Night 2, at 8:00pm (ET) on Peacock. WrestleMania will also stream on Peacock on Saturday, April 10th and Sunday, April 11th, at 8:00pm (ET) on Peacock.

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