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Interview with Kyle O’Reilly


Credit to Vicente Beltrán of ViBe & Wrestling

Video full interview: https://youtu.be/XezownvEwW4

On Website: https://vibeandwrestling.wordpress.com/2021/07/01/vibe-wrestling-interviews-kyle-oreilly-i-was-sick-of-undisputed-era-tactics/

Interview with Kyle O’Reilly


On his match at Great American Bash

Is going to be an extremely different match because is not unsanctioned. Our last match was violent, it was two guys dragging each other through hell. This match on Tuesday at Great American Bash is just to prove who is the better performer. Straight up match, normal rules, so this is gonna be a very different match, more scientific and more methodical I think.

Breaking point in Undisputed ERA

When Adam Cole kicked me in the face is when I realized but before that I felt maybe rumblings because I was in a weird place in the summer before that,  maybe six months out Adam kicking my teeth down my throat. I was in a weird spot beecause I thought I was growing as a performer because I was sick of the tactics of Undisputed ERA. There were a lot of underhanded tactics  that we used to great success and we saw a lot of championship gold but we are attacking guys in a parking lot, we are clobbing them in the knees with a weapons so to speak and I wanted to be a more honorable fighter, I wanted to treat my opponents with respect and play by the rules because that is the only way to prove that you are the best and now I’m on this quest to just straight up, taking on those new challengers and all commers and no more underhanded tactics, I felt I was beyond that and I think Adam sensed that I he made the decision.

His new character

Is hard to placed where the inspiration comes from. It comes from me trying to be authentic myself and I’m still finding it, seeing what really works for this character. A lot of this is throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks; but yeah, I am trying to be myself and have fun with it and not stressed myself out. That what this should be about. I am so lucky to be involved in this bussines so you are trying to get as much fun as you can while you are here.

His ideal wrestling style

For me as a style I trying to get aspects from the japanese style, british style, american and canadian style and I try to learn as much as I can cause I am such a fan of all this uniques styles, not to mention the lucha libre style. There’s so many variables and styles in this sport and that’s what’s so beautiful about it I a real art form. I try to develop myself patern on that and if I can take little things from everywhere and sort of blend them simultaneously so it doesn’t seem like I’m forcing this, that I am trying to hard to do this and it looks natural I think that’s what really cool and I’d love to see those those sort of styles together, not to do only one thing, kind of need to be opened and I think that’s really cool about our sport.

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