IWA Nations Cup to host 16 wrestlers from all the world

IWA Nations Cup will be a  tournament between sixteen wrestlers from all over the world, organized by Italian Wrestling Association, an italian promotion with nearly 40 shows since the end of 2016.

The competition will take place in Italy, near Rome, from 16 to 18 July 2021. Although this is the first edition of this cup, the news had great sharing and success amongst all the social media.

Right now the wrestlers announced are:

Lou King Sharp representing Scotland

Rizo representing Spain

Ender Kara representing Turkey

Sharp is current Insane Championship Wrestling Tag team Champion, alongside Krieger as Fite Network, and is well known around the globe. He has been wrestling in Europe,Usa and Asia, showing a crazyness style.

Rizo is a young & flyambolant european wrestling prospect formed by White Wolf Wrestling, the spanish promotion that launched current NXT UK roster member A Kid.

Ender Kara is a turkish wrestler active through all over Europe, from Northern Europe, to UK, to WxW in Germany. Kara is known for his tremendous style influenced by martial arts, but also for his speed of execution.

The next country that will be subject of announce is India and the fans of IWA are in trepidant waiting for this.

The President of IWA Diego Piacentini said: “Nations Cup has been a great idea, no doubt. Now we have to move forward and put great wrestlers in the tournament. The next name will be from India and i can say that absolutely will raise up IWA on global radar. This tournament will be recognized as an event you can not miss, a revolution for italian and european wrestling scene”

Tickets will be soon on sale at very popular prices.

For any info you can contact: https://www.facebook.com/iwa.italianwrestlingassociation or Italian Wrestling Association on Instagram

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